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My name is Ton Regeling, I am married to Marion van Asseldonk and we live in Dodgeville, Wisconsin which is in the beautiful driftless area.

Ton and Marion picture

I have been tinkering with and repairing tube radios as a hobby since I was about 16. I have an extensive collection of vintage radios, mostly European. I was born and raised in the Netherlands so that's why I'm very familiar with European radios, such as Philips, Grundig, Telefunken, Saba, Loewe Opta and so on. I do have a few American radios: Atwater Kent, Zenith, Grigsby-Grunow, Philco and a few more. You can see some of the radios in my collection here on the radiomuseum.org website. All of these radios and reel to reel tape recorders have been restored by me.

I consider these radios works of art, especially the radios from the forties and fifties when TV wasn't yet commonplace and the radio was kind of a mini theater, a window into the world. They were built in a time where manufacturers didn't try to cut costs as much as they do today, as witnessed by the fact that most of these radios still work after typically only some capacitors and maybe a rectifier have been replaced, 50 or 60 years after leaving the factory!

My collection is currently growing too large - I have no space to store anymore radios and that is why I am selling some of them.

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