The following are links to sites that I think are very interesting to folks that love old time radios. I use many of them to find information about the radios I restore or I use them to post parts requests and so on.

1. The radiomuseum: this is probably the most extensive virtual radio museum and online catalog of old time radios in the world. It's a great site and If you are really interested in old time radios become a member and/or support them!

2. Nederlands Forum over Oude Radios: this site is in Dutch so not only is it good for spiffing up your language skills -:), it has a lot of good repair related discussions and so on.

3. Antique Radios: they call themselves 'The Collector's Resource' and they truly are!

4. The Radio Attic's Archives has links to photos of over 11000 radios. It also links you to:

5. The Radio Attic: they also offer many radios for sale so if you can't find a radio of you liking here on my site try them! They also point you to many restoration resources.

6. Radiomuseum Bocket: lots of very good information, including everything you always wanted to know about Loewe Opta. The site administrator Hans Stellmacher is a wonderful person. There is also a very good and interesting forum. The forum is mostly German, although you will occasionally find English postings.

7. And, which presents to you the RoeTest which in my opinion is the most advanced digital tube tester in the world, and you can build it yourself! How cool is that?

8. Last, for those interested in the general history of telecommunication including radio, Shoretel has this overview page with many interesting links!

And there are so many more.... I'll add links as I run into more interesting sites over time so please check back later!

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