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I currently (as of October 15, 2017) have the radios listed here on this page for sale. Prices are excluding shipping. Wisconsin residents pay sales tax. If you are interested send me an e-mail with your address and I will let you know what the shipping costs are. I do accept PayPal. All radios have been electronically restored and cleaned or cosmetically restored. If you are not happy with the radio it can be returned within 14 days in the condition in which it was sold for a full refund but you do have to pay return shipping expenses.
There is no warranty on any of these radios. Yes they have been restored but anything that is not replaced (over 90% of the components) is still over 50 years old and has the potential to fail tomorrow.

Click on any image to see an enlarged version of it and use the "back" button on your brower to return to this page. If radios are marked US version their dialscales have English print and their FM range is from 88 to 108 Mhz. If the radio is marked as European the dialscale either has German, Dutch, French or other language print, depending on the country of origin and the FM range is either 88 to 100 Mhz or 88 to 104 Mhz. How did the European radios get here, you ask? Most of them were brought home by US military personnel stationed in Europe when they returned, or they once belonged to folks who emigrated from Europe and brought their radios with them. Even if they are the European version, you can use them here because they are all set to 120V and have US plugs. All radios come with a copy of the schematics and a brief one page manual that  says which button is what.

A word about safety: these radios do not meet current electrical safety standards, they meet the safety standards that were in effect at the time they were manufactured. That means for instance that if you let a child play with metal yarn needles and the child sticks it in the radio, for instance through one of the ventilation holes in the back or the bottom the child can very well be killed. You should not let these radios play unattended and/or put it in a place such that children can get to it. And unless you have had proper training and instruction and you know what you are doing, don't try to fix these radios yourself. You are responsible for your own safety.

1. Philips B5X04A - 1960, European version. FM 88-100 Mhz, AM, SW and LW bands. This radio has it's original finish. Very good sound. Price: $475.00.

b5x_1 b5x_2 Right side b5x_4 b5x_5

2. Saba 400 Automatic 9T - 1958, US version. FM, AM, SW and LW bands. Fantastic sound, this radio has multiple speakers and one is huge. This radio has been refinished and the speaker grille cloth has been replaced. Brass surround has a few small dings. Radio has autotuning which works on strong stations. SW band does not work, there is a bad RF transformer coil on the band selector switch for which I could not find a replacement. I'll mark on the schematics where the bad coil is. Price $975.00.

Front Left side Right side Back Dial scale Dings

3. Telefunken Caprice 5051W - 1958, US version. FM and AM bands. This is a small radio typically used as a kitchen or bedroom radio. This radio has a plastic cabinet and it has not been refinished. The off button no longer works so the previous owner added a switch in the power cord. The volume potentiometer is a little scratchy but works. It sounds amazingly well for such a small radio. Price $175.00.

Front Left side Right side Back Dial scale

4. Telefunken Gavotte 1063 - 1959, European version. FM, AM and LW bands (right, no shortwave). This is a cute radio, it looks and it sounds really well. It has it's original finish. There is some clear paint on the top, looks like someone put a paint can on it once. Despite that it looks really well. Price $395.00.

Gavotte Gavotte left Gavotte 3 Gavotte 4 Gavotte 5 Gavotte 6

5. Nordmende Sterling Electra 57 USA - 1957, US version. FM, AM and SW bands. Another cute little radio - a little smaller then the Gavotte above. Cool design and good looking. Original finish which really looks good, see for yourself. Has a good EM34 magic eye tube. Price $325.00.

Electra 1 Gavotte 2 Gavotte 3 Electra 4 Electra 5

And we have car radios too:

6. Becker Mexico TG - 1959-1964, US version. AM and FM bands, autotuning. This is the later version of the Becker Mexico tube radio, with the 7 Watts transistorized amplifier unit (Becker also sold 4 Watt versions). The earlier versions used a tube amplifier. This particular unit is in very good condtion. The dial glass with chrome surround and the chrome buttons are like new. All functions including autotuning work. It has connections for an automatic antenna and the Becker SW adapter Reims. This Becker Mexico model was primarily found in Mercedes Benz automobiles of that era, such as the 300SL, 300a/b/c/d, 220, 180, 190, 190SL etc. Price $2150.00

Becker Mexico front Becker Mexico dial Becker Mexico front 2 Amplifier
Top Back Bottom Plug

We actually have multiple Becker Mexico radios in stock, all working and most of them are the 1954-1958 versions with the larger tube amplifier unit. Please contact us for more information.

And last, but not least, we have the following domestic radios:

7. Atwater Kent model 60 table set - 1929. These table sets were also known as "bread boxes". This is an 8 tube broadcast band (AM) receiver from 1929 and it sounds remarkebly well - better than most modern radios on the AM band if you ask me. The first 4 photos show the radio in it's current condition that is restored, and photos 5 and 6 show the radio and the lid before restoration. It may have been painted fake wood style originally - not sure since all I saw before restoration was rust color. These radios need external speakers and the model 60 requires an F4 or F4-A speaker with an 1100 ohm field coil. This radio comes with an F4-A speaker. Price $400.00.

8. Atwater Kent model 55 radio in a Federal Irving cabinet - 1929. The radio itself is hidden behind two doors. This is an 7 tube broadcast band (AM) receiver from 1929 and it sounds really good, due to a push-pull output stage with two 45 type tubes and a large speaker. The cabinet is all original and has not been refinished. The speaker is the orginal F4 speaker.This is a really beautiful radio in very good all original condition. Obviously the electronics have been restored. This radio is very heavy (close to a 100 pounds) and can only be shipped freight. The radio chassis and the speaker can very easily be removed from the cabinet for transportation purposes or if the console has to be moved. Price $875.00.

front front close up front open right side left side
Top rear chassis front chassis top
chassis right chassis left F4 speaker
Every now and then I also offer radios for sale on E-Bay, my E-Bay name is antonio_han so check out E-Bay too! And do take a look at the feedback I get as a seller!

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